Yoga for Business

Yoga is not a sport, it does not require a high level of fitness or flexibility.  Yoga meets a student on the mat where they are.  Yoga just requires that you turn up and listen.  Listen to your body and your breath.  Yoga reduces stress and increases serotonin, the feel good hormone, it quietens the mind and improves focus.  Yoga is everyone.

Yoga in the work place has many benefits for both employee and employer.  Regular yoga practise will help keep your workforce fit, healthy and flexible in both mind and body.

Some of Benefits of Yoga for Business include:

low morale

  • Improved morale
    • Yoga brings about a reduction in stress levels. People work better when they are relaxed health and happy.


  • Decreased absenteeism
    • Workplace stress can bring about a range of illnesses from headaches, migraines, muscular pain, reduced immunity levels and a likelihood that your staff are not taking good care of their own health.  A work place Yoga class may help give them a push in the right direction of taking better care of themselves.


  • Improved customer service yoga at work
    • Happy staff, happy customers.
  • Higher Productivity
    • Your people will always perform better when they themselves are at their best.



If you would like to book a workplace class you can book here or contact me to discuss your needs.  Currently a one hour Yoga class will cost $160 for up to 10 participants, with all equipment provided.   I would suggest a regular booking of up to 10 weekly classes, for improved benefits and a 20% discount on the overall cost when paid in advance.

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