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Senior ygoa 


You do not have to flexible to do Yoga, you just have to breath.  Join me on this wonderful journey of Yoga, for a restorative stress relieving way to good health.


Private Class 

Enjoy yoga in your own home.  I will come to you with everything that you need for a tailor made yoga experience.  Includes a one hour class of asana, meditation and optional reiki.  Suitable for anyone new to yoga or as a stepping stone to attending a general class in the future.  You can invite up to four friends to attend the class with you for a fee of $70 per visit (for 1-4 people.)


Yoga for Business

A cure for week day-itis.. Yoga will help keep your employees stress free, healthy and flexible in both body and mind.  Yoga students often remark that they have better concentration, greater clarity, improved decision making and an increase in personal productivity following yoga practice.  Classes cater for up to 10 people.  All equipment provided.


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