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I found this post hiding in my drafts – I wrote it back in 2015 and ‘forgot’ to publish it.  Well I am 30kilos lighter, a yoga instructor and feeling better than I have in years.  I still suffer from arthritis and anemia but life is so much more manageable now.  2018 is the year to get writing life in order!

Less Eating, More Movement, More Love

My family and I recently spent five beautiful days in Bali.  I love Bali.  It is my all time favourite holiday destination.  It is close enough to Perth that we can escape for short winter breaks, cheap enough to make it viable and always entertaining.

I love traveling, I love exploring interesting places, people watching and absorbing new atmospheres.   However, all of this is very hard to do when you are unfit and overweight.  I honestly do not know how much further I can breath in before the airplane safety belts refuse to attach.

When you are carrying extra meat baggage on  planes, up stairs, over hills and ranges, it is more than uncomfortable.  I have had enough of puffing red faced behind my family.

I have also had enough of involuntary noises escaping my mouth while bending, I often stop to consider the necessity of picking something up from the floor – do I really need it now?  Could I pick it up with the hoover later?   How sad that at 45 an everyday function has become an ‘exercise’.

Well I have taken up the challenge.  It is not about weight loss, target weight, size or looks.  We are heading to South East Asia at Christmas and we will be traveling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.  We will be sleeping on buses, trains and planes.  Walking,  trekking and maneuvering through Angkor Wat ( tough going last time).

I want to be travel fit, and as pain free as my arthritis will allow.

I have just 18 weeks to improve myself.  I started Weight Watchers online this week, I guessed my weight.  I do not own scales.  Weight is not where I want my focus to be.  After two days of counting points I can already see where my trouble lies. Portion sizes and high calorie ‘health food’.  I will be making better informed decisions about what I and my family eat from now on.  I will also be getting my butt off this chair  throughout the day to move!!

Wish me luck!

A year later….

My Health Yoga Journal

A brief introduction to my Yoga journey:

Last month I enrolled in a My Health Yoga instructor course. I am working my way though the first module and loving it. Part of the requirements of the course is that I keep a journal as I progress through the course to reflect on changes and break throughs that occur as I learn more about myself through the yogic looking glass.

I have explained in a previous post how my life got sidetracked and how my husband and I are now seeking a more fulfilling life, doing what we know is best for us, our family and our community. Our karate club is steadily expanding and the building work is slowing down. Within our Karate Club my ladies class grows slowly and I look forward to our weekly classes where each week I see changes in my students as they become more confident with their skills and their place in the dojo. It is my first venture at teaching karate on my own, unsupervised and without immediate backup.

In 2015 a students mum asked me to run a ladies class but I wasn’t ready. It was ridiculous, I had not been training in years, I was 40 kilo overweight and didn’t have time to think about it. I laughed off the request, I couldn’t teach, what was she thinking?

Nearly twelve months to the day Vanessa asked me again. This time I was in a better place, I am under the care of a doctor that is helping me get my health under control, I am only 20kilos overweight now and counting, and I had been training again. This time I said yes! I said yes even though I was afraid, even though I had no experience and little faith in myself. Don kept saying I would be alright. I kept asking what proof does anyone have that I am capable of running a class? I am only a brown belt!
Through no effort on my behalf I started with a class of 6 students, Vanessa had spread the word. That first class scared the crap out of me. I have spent the last term writing lesson plans, and brushing up my skills for Friday classes where I have the honour of getting to know these amazing ladies.

To honour the students in my class I sought to advance my skills in teaching, but resources are limited with only a short weekend course dedicated to teaching Karate provided by the Australian Karate Federation. It’s not enough, I needed more structure and content. I looked outside of Karate. A Certificate III in health and fitness course was too vague and is suited more to running a class in a gym and of no use to me beyone a piece of paper at the end. I want a teachers qualifications yes, but I want something in an area that will enrich my life, my knowledge and my teaching skills.

I have learnt that I am capable of sharing what I love, I strive to understand people and I take their learning as serious as my own.

I love Yoga, and I want to teach Yoga for its soothing, restoritive properties. When we move house later this year I will again have a full time treatment room for massage, reiki and aromatherapy treatments and I like the idea of running small group yoga sessions from home too.
The journal requirement could be a private affair but I want to share what is happening with you I hope something may resonate with you and maybe inspire you to make a change, fulfill a dream and take a leap. I started this blog to share my journey back to health so I believe this journal should be part of it.
Namaste 💕

Setting my My Intentions


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