Reiki Workshops on Demand

Reiki Wordshops on Demand.. I will be offering Reiki Workshops on a need basis only. If you are drawn Reiki ito learn the healing art of Reiki then call me and we will discuss a time and place. If you wish you can invite others to join us or simply enjoy a private workshop focused on developing your healing intuition in the presence of Reiki.

I have found that the most comprehensive way to learn Reiki is in a style that is suited to you. If friends have chosen to join you then it is meant to be but perhaps you are meant to embark on this healing journey alone with the guidance of the universe.
Reiki 1 is $150 per person, including a certificate and manual.

What is Reiki?

I have been asked this question many times from both interested seekers and casual observers. Reiki is difficult to define as you will discover on your own Reiki journey. What it is to you and what it is to me may be two different things with the exception that we will both be aware of the fact that Reiki is a manifestation of love.

Reiki is Universal life force energy: What does it mean?
Is it a gift of energy from the universe? Perhaps. I do not discount the common rhetoric defining reiki this way I do however challenge its simplistic aloofness. When you give and receive a Reiki treatment with the true intent of healing the wounds of the soul and body you will feel love.
What is Reiki? It is love with the intention of healing.

Are You Taking Care of You?

Are you kind to you? It is easy to fall out of the habit of looking after ourselves. This may mean that we do not get enough sleep, exercise, food or worse we forget to take a time out. A time out to do what ever it is that makes up feel better, that makes us who we are.

Are you guilty of self-neglect? Sit with me for a while and think about the last time that you did something just for you. I am not talking about that new pair of shoes, I am talking about the last time your stopped your world and did something for you. It does not have to be extravagant perhaps:
10 minutes of meditation

10 minutes journaling

10 minutes sending a salute to the sun.

10 minutes to prepare a proper lunch.

Today, instead of grabbing a piece of bread with peanut butter smeared on it and calling it lunch I took the time to make an avocado, cream cheese salad sandwich and brewed a cup of earl tea to sip alongside. It occurred to me while making this that I cannot remember the last time I went to such trouble making my lunch. My daughter and husband both start their day with a breakfast I make and they eat while I make their lunches. I routinely breakfast with a piece of toast that I share with our dog after the school run and a walk. DSC_0303

Is it because I work mainly from home that I think that it is okay to grab something easy when I am hungry? My nutrition needs are as important as anyone elses in this household. Just because I work from a home office does not mean that I am less busy than any other worker today, and I have the washing to load and unload to and from toilet trips. I constantly counsel my clients to look after their own health first. I regularly express the bucket theory i.e you cannot give from an empty bucket.. yet here I am trying to do exactly that.

How do we change? Persistence. Think about the holes in your self-care program. Start with the basics:







Pick where you would most like to start and make it happen. Set yourself out a meal plan, set the timer on your phone to go off to remind you to go to bed earlier, find a class or exercise you would enjoy, meditate there are apps and classes that you can explore, book an appointment with a practitioner. Do not put off looking after yourself a moment longer.
Take Care of You
with Metta, Vanessa xx

Why I became a Reiki Healer

There are two answers to this question. The first one that I will share is the public version, this is what I told my friends and family. Reiki was another string to my treatment bow. I had heard and read a little bit about it. I had never had a Reiki treatment. Money was tight. I had just graduated with a Diploma of Massage followed closely by a Dip in AromDSC_0014atherapy. Any money I had went into advertising, buying products and finding clients to build my business. Reiki was to become one more service that I offered. With Reiki I could offer packages, I could advertise in another category of the alternative therapy pages and so on. I found a Reiki course offered on a local barter system that I was enrolled in, so my first Reiki attunement was a gift more ways than one.
Deep down all of us seekers and healers are looking for something that we feel is missing inside of ourselves. For some it is a hole, an emptiness. Others may feel a uselessness, and incompetent at helping, or maybe some are disconnected from something they don’t quite know. It is easy to get caught up in life, money and getting by. Where is a spiritual life? How do we heal ourselves? Know ourselves?

In the quiet of meditation, I know that I was drawn to the healing arts because life hurts, life wounds and life disenchants us. Disconnected from the church of my youth, family and often the everyday people around me I was sad, I was lost and frustratingly seeking something better. I wanted to be better. I wanted to be able to do something more with my everyday than what I was capable of.

Sure on the outside it was always about helping others. It was always about what I could do for you and yes I would appreciate it if you would pay me too. Incidentally my fees were always less than other practitioners charged and I always tried to give more. Not because I could afford to, not because my clients couldn’t afford to but because I did not think the work I did was good enough. (That’s another blog post I am sure- back to my original point)

Healers become healers for a reason. We can spend years finding out that reason. We can float in and out of our healing world and reality. I left for a while to get a ‘real’ job. The result? I am still looking for my answers, or my questions depending on which way you are looking at it.

The short answer is that I study the healing arts because I am human and because I am human I am broken. I am broken because I am often separated from my spirit self. Reiki, love and healing helps to put me back together again.

Soup & Rent Inspections

There are a lot of thing shifting in our household at the moment. Summer is leaving Perth, the night and morning air has a nip in it and the sun has turned into a glorious gift we lift our faces to on our morning walks around the dog park.
I am feeling very domestic this week. We have a rental inspection on Friday which means by my own standards the house has to be cleaned and presented to a show room level. I couldn’t cope with a negative report against our name.
So this week I have put aside my study, my work and my writing and my leisure to focus on domestic bliss. Sorting cupboards, clearing, cleansing, decluttering. The atomiser is on constantly wafting Young Livings Purification oil throughout our tiny house. I feel uplifted with every task complete because I shifted my attitude from resenting rental inspections to welcoming the opportunity to put domestic chores ahead of all other tasks.
My week is full with working six days a week, either the carpentry business, the karate club, my studies, writing or healing work fill my days. This week I put our home first. Cleaning house is something that has been tacked onto the end of my day, when good enough is all I have the energy for. This week I made it my priority and I am reaping the rewards.
Soup of the Day!

My tomatoe and veg soup is on the stove:
 Just chop up any vegetables you have- today I used: parsnips, leek, carrots, zucchini, celery – fry in a large pot with some olive oil adding dried herbs, salt and pepper to taste.

Add two cups of re-hydrated Italian bean and veg mix, 1 can chopped tomoates, 2 tbsp tomatoe paste, and a pint of stock.

Simmer until tender and delicious.


Now the weather is cooler Don takes a flask of soup to work when there is a pot on the go. He is joining me on my diet (sorry healthy eating plan) I guesse the results speak for themselves. I will be back to my fighting weight in another six months, it should only take him three.
Enjoy the cooler days!

Time Management 

I do not have the gift. Time Management. What is it? How do you do it? Is it just a buzz word for success? I don’t know. I do know that I get to the end of every day and think where has the time gone, why do I constantly feel that I am not achieving anything?

In desperation I googled the question ‘What is time management’ and the top result is from wikipedia and says:

“Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities – especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity”freestock_50605498

No my daughter has told me that you cannot trust Wikipedia, they are not allowed to use it as a reference at school and therefore I should just ignore everything it has to say. Well, often I would, but in this case I will accept their definition.

My days are filled with tasks for our Carpentry business, Karate school, Yoga Course, along with promoting, developing my healing work, writing, and the usual everyday living stuff we all need to do to survive. It is a hot mess to schedule.

I previously looked at the Pomodoro technique which advises you to break your work down into 25 minute sessions with a 15 minute break in between. When I gave this a go I had to admit that it works well with similar tasks such as writing and editing. It doesn’t help me on the days that entail driving in the car for a couple of hours delivering or collecting materials for one job or another. It definitely doesn’t help when I have a massage client, can you imagine twenty-five minutes into the treatment I take a 15 minute break? Anyway it does not work for me.

Breaking my day up into segments doesn’t help either, for example, just now I have been re-directed for the last hour dealing with issues from our carpentry business. It is hard to get back into the swing of writing this post and to get back to what it is I wanted to share..

I am as of today trialing Theme Days. This is how it goes, every day I will focus on one specific part of our business and development lives. For example, Monday is Yoga and Healing Study day, Tuesday is Karate, Wednesday is for Carpentry, Thursday is my creative writing day and Friday we are back to Karate as it is the day that I teach my ladies class in the morning and sometimes enjoy a long lunch. My weekends are undefined. Saturday we teach Karate and Sunday we are developing a lovely habit of heading to the beach with the Kayak!

Bearing in mind that amongst all this scheduling, I have clients and on 6 days of the week we run Karate classes. Then there is my daily practice that My Health Yoga course has encouraged me to commit too, at the moment my goal is several rounds of Sun Salutations and twenty minutes of Reiki practise each morning. Plus I hope to squeeze in a daily class from My Health Yoga TV every afternoon before my tribe get home and we head out to our night classes.
I have included a template of my timetable below feel free to download and schedule your week in and let me know how you get on. Life is about balance, in all aspects of our life. There are always things that we have to do, things that we want to do and things, beautiful things that we would be lost without.

Here is a link to my Weekly Time Table Template 

Healthy Writer

I found this post hiding in my drafts – I wrote it back in 2015 and ‘forgot’ to publish it.  Well I am 30kilos lighter, a yoga instructor and feeling better than I have in years.  I still suffer from arthritis and anemia but life is so much more manageable now.  2018 is the year to get writing life in order!

Less Eating, More Movement, More Love

My family and I recently spent five beautiful days in Bali.  I love Bali.  It is my all time favourite holiday destination.  It is close enough to Perth that we can escape for short winter breaks, cheap enough to make it viable and always entertaining.

I love traveling, I love exploring interesting places, people watching and absorbing new atmospheres.   However, all of this is very hard to do when you are unfit and overweight.  I honestly do not know how much further I can breath in before the airplane safety belts refuse to attach.

When you are carrying extra meat baggage on  planes, up stairs, over hills and ranges, it is more than uncomfortable.  I have had enough of puffing red faced behind my family.

I have also had enough of involuntary noises escaping my mouth while bending, I often stop to consider the necessity of picking something up from the floor – do I really need it now?  Could I pick it up with the hoover later?   How sad that at 45 an everyday function has become an ‘exercise’.

Well I have taken up the challenge.  It is not about weight loss, target weight, size or looks.  We are heading to South East Asia at Christmas and we will be traveling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.  We will be sleeping on buses, trains and planes.  Walking,  trekking and maneuvering through Angkor Wat ( tough going last time).

I want to be travel fit, and as pain free as my arthritis will allow.

I have just 18 weeks to improve myself.  I started Weight Watchers online this week, I guessed my weight.  I do not own scales.  Weight is not where I want my focus to be.  After two days of counting points I can already see where my trouble lies. Portion sizes and high calorie ‘health food’.  I will be making better informed decisions about what I and my family eat from now on.  I will also be getting my butt off this chair  throughout the day to move!!

Wish me luck!

A year later….

My Health Yoga Journal

A brief introduction to my Yoga journey:

Last month I enrolled in a My Health Yoga instructor course. I am working my way though the first module and loving it. Part of the requirements of the course is that I keep a journal as I progress through the course to reflect on changes and break throughs that occur as I learn more about myself through the yogic looking glass.

I have explained in a previous post how my life got sidetracked and how my husband and I are now seeking a more fulfilling life, doing what we know is best for us, our family and our community. Our karate club is steadily expanding and the building work is slowing down. Within our Karate Club my ladies class grows slowly and I look forward to our weekly classes where each week I see changes in my students as they become more confident with their skills and their place in the dojo. It is my first venture at teaching karate on my own, unsupervised and without immediate backup.

In 2015 a students mum asked me to run a ladies class but I wasn’t ready. It was ridiculous, I had not been training in years, I was 40 kilo overweight and didn’t have time to think about it. I laughed off the request, I couldn’t teach, what was she thinking?

Nearly twelve months to the day Vanessa asked me again. This time I was in a better place, I am under the care of a doctor that is helping me get my health under control, I am only 20kilos overweight now and counting, and I had been training again. This time I said yes! I said yes even though I was afraid, even though I had no experience and little faith in myself. Don kept saying I would be alright. I kept asking what proof does anyone have that I am capable of running a class? I am only a brown belt!
Through no effort on my behalf I started with a class of 6 students, Vanessa had spread the word. That first class scared the crap out of me. I have spent the last term writing lesson plans, and brushing up my skills for Friday classes where I have the honour of getting to know these amazing ladies.

To honour the students in my class I sought to advance my skills in teaching, but resources are limited with only a short weekend course dedicated to teaching Karate provided by the Australian Karate Federation. It’s not enough, I needed more structure and content. I looked outside of Karate. A Certificate III in health and fitness course was too vague and is suited more to running a class in a gym and of no use to me beyone a piece of paper at the end. I want a teachers qualifications yes, but I want something in an area that will enrich my life, my knowledge and my teaching skills.

I have learnt that I am capable of sharing what I love, I strive to understand people and I take their learning as serious as my own.

I love Yoga, and I want to teach Yoga for its soothing, restoritive properties. When we move house later this year I will again have a full time treatment room for massage, reiki and aromatherapy treatments and I like the idea of running small group yoga sessions from home too.
The journal requirement could be a private affair but I want to share what is happening with you I hope something may resonate with you and maybe inspire you to make a change, fulfill a dream and take a leap. I started this blog to share my journey back to health so I believe this journal should be part of it.
Namaste 💕

Setting my My Intentions