Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop

I cannot deny that I am a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert.  I have long been a fan of her work and I  elizabeth-gilbert-quoteenjoy listening to her talk. I was lucky enough to see her speak at the Perth International Arts Festival in 2014. Elizabeth is an inspiring, honest, non-sugar coating inspiration. Like Big Magic this course talks directly to the artist within.   Elizabeth is generous in sharing her treasured truth will all creatives.

What is the truth we all seek?  Just do it! Accept all that you are, write, paint, photograph, cook, garden, sew.  Whatever your soul wishes you to do to add to this world. Just do it.  Do it without looking for success in whatever guise you think it should come in.  You may never write a best seller, you may never be able to quit your day job, but you can create.  Write around the edges of your day.  Make a date with your art as Elizabeth suggested in her podcast.  Stop waiting for the muse, get to work.  Work on your  gift and as Elizabeth says the muse will show up. Stop being a chicken shit and get it done!

elizabeth-gilbert-udemyElizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop is presented in five sections.  Each section contains a talk surrounding the topic of creativity and also addresses a specific question from someone seeking help to improve their creative life.  The sections are then followed by a workbook, that asks the tough questions and encourages you to get your answers down fast without too much interference from your right brain. (That interfering nay sayer).  I like the workbook, it helped to reiterate where my writing is going, that I am still on track, even with one foot in the creative sphere and another in the real world, and I am okay with that.

I highly recommend this course for all creatives, spare a couple of hours to sit and listen and work with Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here is where you can find the course:  Udemy  

Here is where you can find more information on Elizabeth Gilbert.



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