Podcast Developers – I Thank You.

I love podcasts, they make my working day bearable. Like most writers, I constantly strive to learn new things. Any random subject can hold my interest for a while but writing podcasts are my life blood to sanity.

Without the soothing tones across my car stereo or in my apple budded mobile ears my writing ambitions would be nothing more than a distant glitch out there on the horizon. A someday career that I will continue to study for and work towards once all the family raising and getting by stuff has been dealt with.

Podcasts let me continue to learn my craft from familiar teachers, experienced, knowledgable men and women to whom I would happily pay a small fortune to for the chance to bask in one of their classes, courses or workshops. Podcasts keep my dreams, no my ambitions alive more than any university course, workshop, seminar or conference I have attended in the twenty-something years that I have been pursuing my writing goals.Lessons on the Go

My Top Writing Podcasts:

So You Want to be a Writer – presented by Allison Tait and Valerie Khoo

Rockin’ Self Publishing – presented by Simon Whistler

The Creative Penn – presented by Joanna Penn

A Little Bird Told Me – presented by Philippa Willitts and Lorrie Hartshorn

Blogging with WordPress – presented by Shawn Ozbun

So you want to be a Photographer – presented by Valerie Khoo and Gina Milicia ( not writing I know, but still very interesting, useful and inspiring)

I guess I am lucky that my day job allows me plenty of alone time to think, ponder and create even while I am away from my desk. Podcasts are reassuring me that I can still live a creative life while I am busy doing other menial but necessary things. Running our business has it challenges but they are challenges that I can cope with as long as I can build my writing career around the edges of my day.

Incidentally “writing at the edges of my day” is a quote from one of the podcasts listed above, I am almost certain I heard it during an interview on So you want to be a Writer, however I can’t be completely sure where I heard it.  I wrote it down and it has been my mantra ever since.  I should of known better and made a note of the origins, I know.  I am tutting and shaking my head now and letting out a deep sigh.  Watch this space, I will seek out the information I should already have and post it here.  Promise.  I am putting it on my to-do list now.  More sighing.

Find the above mentioned Podcasts at iTunes or PodOmatic.

Until next time, Happy Writing.

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