Line Edits – Just Do It!

I admit that I am procrasti-blogging.  I know it is not a real word, but it is a real state of mind.  I need to be line editing Allison Song Bird, I need to move along, get things done, get it going, get on with it.  I just need to do it!  Plain and simple.  What good are two unedited manuscripts  collecting cyber dust in my aging computer?  Don’t answer that,  I know that it is none, nada, nothing, zilch.  I am not afraid to release my creative outbursts onto the world, am I?  I don’t think that I am but my lack of action might say otherwise, perhaps? I don’t know.

I spent the  weekend absorbed in literary learning at Perth’ s Writers Festival where I had the opportunity to sit and soak in the expertise of Elizabeth Gilbert, Liz Bryski and Hillary Mantel.   I am painfully aware that aside from their talent, experience and creative genius the one thing that all authors have over me is that they saw it to the end.  They finished what they had started. They went ahead and did it.

‘Do it’  is now my motivational mantra.  My writing, skill and imagination may never come close to these three talented, adored  writers, quite frankly I do not care.  I just want to write, tell stories and get them out of my limited space and into the world.  So with that I make a pledge to bring Allison Song Bird (working tittle) out of the darkness and into the light of day.  I am going old school,  the printer is whirring and ticking away beside me as I type this.  I want ASB out on paper, in a ring file, red pen clipped in the pocket.  I want it out in the open, where I will see it, where it will remind me daily that it is here too, that it needs my attention as much as the dog sleeping on the couch,  as much as the back log of paid work waiting in my in file, the dishes crusting in the sink or  the washing melded with the floor.  This is how I will finally get ASB out into the world.  Time this baby was free, so watch this space, I am sure to be procrasti-blogging again soon. xx

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