Read, Write. Read, Write.

Image“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.  Simple as that.” – Stephen King

I was stunned when during a writers workshop the discussion turned to what books we are currently reading and a young man announced that he does not bother reading, that he was a writer not a reader.  He continued to say in our collective stunned silence that he did not want his “creativity plundered by conformity.”

I was immediately reminded of  Stephen King and his book On Writing.  One of the first of many craft books I have consumed over the years. 

Every book we read teaches us who we are as writers.  Every book we scour and scribble in its margins takes us that little bit closer to our voice. We are given a gift,  from our fellow writers who have instilled their hearts, sweat and tears amongst the pages of the books they produce and we devour.  How can we as writers not feast on the bounty before us.  Regardless of our personal tastes and style so many have gone before us and done it well, some brilliantly.

Every writer with their name on a book cover reminds us that Yes, it is possible.  Yes, we too can do it.  With work, with dedication, and a little ounce of confidence we too can get our name on our own books.

When that happens dear writing friends, spread the word, share your journey and light the way for the next generation of scribes.

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