The Problem with Blinking

blinking owlI know that it is a physiological necessity.  We must blink to cleanse and lubricate the cornea or something along those lines but what happens when you blink and suddenly a year has gone. Pooof!

Last year was the year I was going to do 101 things  towards my reaching my goals. The goals I made a list of are all here somewhere.  Without even finding it, I know I never got there.  My life led me in an entirely though not altogether useless different direction.  Here we are now steaming into 2013 and my dreams, goals and aspirations have not changed but I am hoping that my ability to turn them into a reality has improved.

Another year of study, reading, seeking, daydreaming, analysing and debating has led me here to where I will now open the green file containing my WIP and get on with the messy job of editing and rewriting.

Allison has sat on the shelf for long enough.  It will soon be time for her to emerge into the light and absorb the well deserved acclamations, or not.  I want to finish her so that I can get on with telling the next story I have brewing.

The mere completion of Allison will be a success in itself.  Anything else is a bonus.

Here it goes.. Chapter 1

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